Domain Name Portfolio Management

From Windows & Mac Desktop or Web Browser


Watch My Domains for Mac

Domain Name Software for Windows

Watch My Domains Server Edition


Supports new gTLDs like Guru, Bike, Camera, Today, Technology, Tips, Graphics, Clothing, Company and IDNS like 在线 etc.

Domain Punch Pro

Effective Domain Name Portfolio Management Software for Small and Medium Business Users. Most Popular!

Watch My Domains ISP

Corporate/Business Domain Portfolio Management Software with Database storage. Supports huge domain Lists!

30 Day No-Risk Trial

You can download and evaluate the full software for 30 days before purchase. A credit card or email address is not required.

Advanced SQL Queries

Depending on the product and OS you can choose between flat, MS Jet (Access), MS SQL, SQLite (on Mac) or MySQL database for data storage.

Why Not Spreadsheets?

A Spreadsheet can never match the benefits of using a dedicated domain portfolio management application. Our applications can automatically retrieve all relevant domain related data (like expiry, created and last updated dates, name servers, domain "A" records, associated MX records, SSL certificate expiry dates), generate alerts and more.

Free 30 day Trials

Credit card is not required for trial downloads. Purchase only after you have fully tested and evaluated the software.

International Domain Names (IDN) are fully supported.

Range of Products

Software products are currently available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (for use within internal networks). Android and iOS versions are on the way.

Custom Fields / Notes

You can attach multiple notes to each domain. Watch My Domains ISP supports even the creation of any number of custom data fields.

Additional Monitoring

Web site monitoring (ping, http home page redirection), email alerts, MX records, SSL certificate monitoring, website visibility, DNS and more.

Alert Monitoring

Generate e-mail alerts or execute a pre-specified web-script from your web server when domain name records are modified or when your domain's website goes down.

Ever lost a domain name because you forgot to renew it?

If you have a large collection of domain names, you already know how a simple oversight can cause the loss of a valuable domain name. Our domain portfolio management tools not only keep track of expiry dates, but also other important data like MX records, name servers, domain contacts, DNS records, SSL certificate expiry dates and so on...


Domain Calendar

Watch My Domains ISP includes a domain calendar that allows you to view the domains in your portfolio within an on-screen calendar. The domains are displayed based on their expiry dates.

Watch My Domains ISP with SQL Support

The top end domain portfolio management software for business and corporate customers, uses MS Jet or MS SQL for database storage.

Domain Punch Professional

The Recommended domain portfolio management software for business and personal use, runs under Microsoft Windows.

Watch My Domains For Mac OS X

The domain name portfolio application for Mac OS X users, uses SQLite for data storage. It is available from the Apple Mac OS X store.

Domain Name Analyzer Pro

An advanced Windows software for researching and finding the best domain names. A free version is also available.