Advanced Domain Name Portfolio Management Software For the Windows Desktop

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Domain Punch Pro for Windows

Powerful domain name portfolio manager for Windows with support for new and old gTLDs, country code domains and International Domain Names (IDN).

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Domain Punch Professional can monitor domain expiry dates, name servers, MX records, associated SSL certificates and more.

Supports new gTLDs like Guru, Bike, Camera, Today, Technology, Tips, Graphics, Clothing, Company and IDNS like 在线 etc.

Domain Punch Professional is an ideal Windows desktop software for managing domain name portfolios with less than 5000 domains. If you have a larger portfolio or if you are in a corporate network and have advanced requirements, please use Watch My Domains Server Edition or Watch My Domains ISP.

Don't Lose Domains!

Monitoring domain expiry dates in desktop applications is as simple as looking at the screen.

You can click on the "registry expiry" (or "registrar expiry") column header to sort in ascending or descending order.

You can configure the software to start the highlighting before a set number of days. By default this is 30 days.

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Quick & Easy Domain Expiry Monitoring

All domain names that are expiring soon are highlighted and displayed with an alert icon next to it. Clicking on the column header will also sort and make these domain names appear at the top.

Highlighted expiry dates

Make Sure that the Emails Reach You!

Domain MX Records

MX Records

Quickly find domains that have missing or wrong MX records.

MX stands for Mail Exchange. MX records specify the mail server that will handle the emails for the domain. A wrong or missing MX record would mean no emails for that domain. This can be disastrous in situations that require email addresses for security, authentication and identity verifications.

Setup Domain Table Columns

Quickly Select What You Want to See!

There are a large number of data columns and it is difficult to show them all in a single table. Display groups help by allowing to see just the columns you are interested in.

Each display group is also completely user configurable. You can select and modify what columns are displayed within each display group.

Domain Table Display Groups

Supports Manual Data Entry Too

Domain Data Editing

Manual Editing

Domain Punch pro will automatically retrieve data for any domain that has a valid port 43 whois server. However, there are times when the data is not available or your domain has no whois server. In such cases you can manually enter the data.

It is also possible to protect the manually entered data from getting automatically over-written

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Custom Data

You can attach upto four different custom notes to each domain. Use it to add additional data like customer name, invoice date, etc to your domain records.

If you need support for unlimited and fully customizable data columns, you should use Watch My Domains ISP or Watch My Domains Server Edition.

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Attach Notes to Each Domain

Attach Notes

What is Domain Punch Pro?

Domain Punch Professional is an advanced domain name portfolio management (monitor expiry dates, name servers, MX records...) and website monitoring (including ping, http home page check and email alerts) software. You can use Domain Punch Professional to keep track of your domain name renewals and monitor the status of the associated websites from a single interface.

Domain Punch Professional v2 has native support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

More than just Domain Monitoring

Domain Punch Professional is the most advanced domain name management software and includes all the features of Watch My Domains Professional, Domain Name Analyzer Professional and more. Supports monitoring the web sites associated with the domain (including search engine link popularity, ping and http home page check), email alerts when the status of a domain changes. You can also group domains into different categories for easy management.

Why Do You Need Domain Punch Professional?

  • Domain Record Monitoring including email alerts when there is a change in the domain status.
  • HTTP page status check of home pages of websites at the listed domains (including display of home page redirects (301/302 redirect) and the redirect URL).
  • Web Visibility check. Includes the site and search engine link popularity data.
  • Ping check of the server that hosts the domain. You can do this at regular intervals.
  • Monitor MX Records of domains.
  • Easy registrar domain login management. Domain Punch Professional can encrypt and store your login password information. It even supports an easy single click method to login to the registrars domain management page.
  • Group domain names into different categories (personal domains, business domains, high traffic domains, keyword domains, etc). Easily access any group from the quick category bar.
  • Manually change/edit the data in cases where automatic extraction is not possible.
  • Support for all top level and country code domains that have a port 43 whois support. Extensive configuration options. You can even specify the text to look for, in whois output while determining the availability of a domain for registration.
  • Want to find a suitable new domain name? Create domain names easily from keywords or character templates.
  • Eliminate bad or unwanted domain names from large lists. Quickly find domains that contain a specific set of words, digits or hyphen. Makes managing large lists of domain names very easy.
  • Quick check domain availability by eliminating domains that appear to have a website. This will ensure that very less number of whois lookups are made.
  • Supports searching for the occurrence or non-occurrence of a user specified text string in the whois output. The status of this search will be displayed in a user created list column.